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Hi Fellow SteemiansThanks for joining us.

We are going to explore spending our earned STD. Now accepts steem and BitCoin.

You may select the SBD or the USD. You will now see the price in Steem Coins.

The over all process is simple.

  • If you are a new customer fill in the registration form
  • Login to your account if you already are a customer
  • You now chose the payment method
    • PayPal all
    • Mail in Payment Steem coins, Trades.
    • CoinGate BitCoin Other currencies available.
    • Spectra coin BitCoin Other currencies available.
  • An email will be sent confirming your order. With instructions on how to pay.

As a steemit member you simply transfer the SBD to our account. On receipt of the SBD. Your order will be processed.

Some services we offer

  • Distributed web application hosting.
  • Domain name
  • HelpDesk
  • VOIP services
  • Site membership

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Your support is appreciated.

Last Update November 23, 2017

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